A world based on LNA'sShock Mountain. Rising out of the Vault , this is not a world for noobs! Deathly enemies, ancient ruins, freakishly mutated monsters, Conruptos Mountain is filled with mystery and danger. There's also a boss residing on the islands floating next the the mountain. The one safe zone is at a small area on the lower right.


Official Story: An ancient mountain that exists within a subspacial layer, it can only be accessed from the Vault. It is conjectured that the mountain was intentionally trapped inside this layer, as it has a most strange property: imagination and infection can coexist and not damage each other in any way. Because of this, strange, freakishly mutated creatures appear. The player meets a droid, one of many created to oversee this mountain, but the only one that remains sane, as the others are all infected.

Random Thoughts

  • Insane difficulty.
  • Perhaps glitches, as in certain attacks or special attacks will work a bit differently.
  • Ruins and skeletons thrown in?
  • Boss could be the "Margrave," an Exordium Experimental Operative moNster (Exordium EON), or a massive ancient dragon or mecha.
  • Optional ancient cavern (shown in concept arts) that poses ludicrous difficulty, but great rewards to those who can get to its central chamber into the core of the mountain. 
  • Perhaps a powerful weapon could be found here, the Cursebreaker, either in the cave or as a reward for beating the main boss.
  • Major revleations for the overall plot?
  • Perhaps random lightning strikes near the player, could be used as both an advantage (as with proper timing, you can avoid it, and it might hit enemies instead) and a disadvantage (as it could hurt the player, if they fail to evade it).