Redstonium in Liquid Form.

 Redstronium is a highly conductive material, rarely found in lakes in the Miner Realm.  the MinerMinMMMMMM


As it is a highly conductive material, it is commonly used in Electric Circuitry for spaceships and buildings. It can also be used to make Superconducting Electromagnets (Monopoles) for weaponary. However, its true use is as its extracted form, which is commonly used as a power source for Constructor Technology, and can be used in sync with Imaginitum to be used as an Inversion Power source.


  • Redstronium is based off Redstone from Minecraft
  • Redstronium, for unknown reasons, is highly resistant to corruption by the Infection, though cannot be used as armor because of its inability to be made into a solid form.
  • While Holostrom was invented with Imaginitum, it can be used with Redstonium.

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